Fight Dry Winter Skin

Liquid Soaps

Clean Never Smelled So Good!

Did you know most liquid soaps are petroleum based? This dries out your skin. Virgil's special vegetable based liquid soaps make sure your skin stays soft.

News From Home

Virgil's Popular Lotions available in 4 oz Purse Size! While Supplies Last

So many our valued customers asked for small purse sizes and Virgil heard you!  You can now order While Supplies Last! a 4 oz  size perfect for traveling or keeping in your backpack or purse every day!  Keep your hands moist

15% OFF this Father's Day on all Products including Fisherman's Friend, ManSoap and Lemon Anise Soaps and Lotions

Dad loves outdoor fun but likes to feel clean and fresh. Get him the gift of clean with ManSoap, Fisherman's Friend and Lemon Anise Sage collections of spicy smelling bug fighting products this Father's Day!  Get an automatic 15% off during check-out. As always

Store Bought…Skin Drought

Have you ever wondered why regular liquid hand soaps have a tendency to dry the skin on your hands? The answer is simple: PETROLUEM! Let’s get real. Well-known brands are made with the bottom line in mind: price. Mass-produced handsoaps