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Virgil's Popular Lotions available in 4 oz Purse Size! While Supplies Last

2 comments — posted 2013 Aug by Katie Schroeder

So many our valued customers asked for small purse sizes and Virgil heard you!  You can now order While Supplies Last!

a 4 oz  size perfect for traveling or keeping in your backpack or purse every day!  Keep your hands moist and soft!  Stock up today! $5.95 per bottle.

15% OFF this Father's Day on all Fisherman's Friend, ManSoap and Lemon Anise Soaps and Lotions

1 comments — posted 2020 Apr by John Dahl

Dad loves outdoor fun but likes to feel clean and fresh. Get him the gift of clean with ManSoap, Fisherman's Friend and Lemon Anise Sage collections of spicy smelling bug fighting products this Father's Day!  Get an automatic 15% off during check-out. As always free shipping on all orders of $75 or more.  Sale ends June 21st!

Store Bought…Skin Drought

3 comments — posted 2010 Jul by John Dahl

Have you ever wondered why regular liquid hand soaps have a tendency to dry the skin on your hands? The answer is simple: PETROLUEM!

Let’s get real. Well-known brands are made with the bottom line in mind: price. Mass-produced handsoaps (you know, the ones that can offer 99¢ deals) are made with less expensive petroleum based oils. Even when they add aloe and vitamin E, your hands and skin are likely to become dry and sore.

Petroleum based oils have two problems: 1) they rob your skin of moisture and 2) they use a fossil fuel that hurts the environment! have a choice. Virgil’s Fine Soaps uses only the finest gentle premuim glycerine base made with 100% pure vegetable oils. The gentle gycerine attracts moisture to keep your skin soft and supple. We also add Aloe and Vitamin E antioxidants to heal your skin and keep it healthy. This, combined with the gentle exfoliants of cosmetic grade pumice and luffa, removes layers of dead dry skin…leaving you with soft, supple skin.

Virgil’s may cost a little but more…but we know that once you try it, you’ll see the value. You’ll get through the winter with less painful hands and skin. This makes you feel better AND saves you on lotion (petroleum-based lotions).  You’ll be happier and GREEN!

Once you switch to Virgil’s, you’ll never go back to store brands. Come on…give it a try. We know you’ll love it.

Vandalia Farmers Market Friday Aug 2 was a big success!

0 comments — posted 2013 Mar by Katie Schroeder

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Vandalia Ohio Friday Farmer's Market in Seger park!  We had a wonderful time

visiting with all the fine patrons and customers.. The Farmer's Market will continue every Friday evening from 3 to 7 PM through September! 



VFS Soap Making Demo - June 7 - 7PM: Running With Scissors in Springfield!

1 comments — posted 2013 Feb by Katie Schroeder

Virgil will be demonstrating the fine art of making soap Friday, June 7 at 7 PM in the Running With Scissors Cooperative on Fountain Ave. Downtown Springfield! He hopes to see you then! 


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