Mansoap Bar Soap

Mansoap Bar Soap

You’re not a sissy. You like being fresh for the ladies, but you want to smell like a man, not a flower. We hear ya.Virgil’s Mansoap does everything a prissy soap will do for half the cost. It scrubs dirt and moisturizes your skin gently and it fights acne because it’s all natural and stuff. Here’s a few more great reasons to buy it:

• Fights the stubborn odors that hardworking men encounter (yeah, you get the idea).

• Insect repellant. Mansoap’s anise essential oils keep bugs away all day long. Guaranteed!

• Poison ivy buster. Mansoap keeps you from getting poison ivy…and if you get it, it heals it up right quick.

• Gentle. Our pure-n-simple blend is gentle enough to use everyday and fights acne, dry skin and psoriasis.

• Shorter shower = longer nap.

Size: 5 oz bar

Case Order: 12 Individually Wrapped Bars

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