Fisherman's Friend Anise

Fisherman's Friend Anise

Made with a top-secret blend of anise and citrus essential oils, Fisherman’s Friend is designed to be the workhorse of our skin care line. The more we talk to folks, the more healing powers we learn about! Here’s a few:

• Fights the most stubborn odors of fish, tobacco, garlic, bleach and more!

• Catch More Fish! Put a bar of Fisherman’s Friend in your tackle box to remove the human scent from lures. Really. It works!

• Insect repellant. Fisherman’s Friend anise essential oils keep bugs away all day long. Guaranteed!

• Poison ivy buster. Fisherman’s Friend keeps you from getting poison ivy…and if you get it, it heals it up right quick.

• Balanced. Unlike many anise soaps, our scent is perfectly balanced to smell spicy, not like overpowering licorice.

• Gentle. Our pure-n-simple blend is gentle enough to use everyday and fights acne, dry skin and psoriasis.

Size: 5 oz bar

Case Order: 12 Individually Wrapped Bars

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